questionable - t4 in port angeles

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questionable - t4 in port angeles

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This is more a word of warning than anything else -- I was in touch with the seller of this vehicle and they were hot to trot until I asked about having it inspected at a garage. Then they stopped responding. After some intentionally annoying persistent messaging on my part, the seller finally said they had tons of interest and it wasn't worth the hassle to them to take it for an inspection.

Then I talked to xirdneh who was willing to take a look at the car for me when he was next out in Port Angeles. I asked the seller if he was up for this, he said sure, sounds great. Then they never responded to xirdneh's phone calls.

The only worthwhile info I got from the seller throughout our conversations was that they had only owned the car for several months and didn't know much about it, I pointed out that it looked like an 84 and not an 86 and they said oh yeah, that's right. They weren't sure about engine compression, if it burned oil, etc. Could just not be a motivated seller but my experience didn't leave me feeling confident so buyer beware.
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