Removing tie rod ends

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Removing tie rod ends

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I just came up with a new way to pop off the outer tie rod end without damaging it.
In the past I've tried just pounding hard on the part of the steering knuckle where the tie rod is and it sometimes pops out (castle nut removed first, and maybe left on there loose so that you don't accidentally hit the threads).
I've tried hammering on the castle nut but it will get wrecked.
I don't have a special puller that preserves the tie rod end.

So, I used one of the bolts and the nut from the lower strut mount.
Seen in the pic here with the nut threaded half way on. And you can see the head of the same type of bolt still on the strut in the back of the image (I have a bunch of spares as well, because you never know when you'll need one).
Then I threaded it onto the top of the tie rod end and hit it on top with a 2lb hammer. About 5 hits and it popped! Easy!
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Re: Removing tie rod ends

Post by dlb »

What a clever lad you are!
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