Tercel Midwest Meet & Greet 2020

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Tercel Midwest Meet & Greet 2020

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Good morning all! It has been one month since the Tercel Midwest Meet and Greet and I wanted to again say thank you to all who participated. Here is my first attempt at "website" stuffs, so it still needs work, but hopefully many will enjoy the content. For those that participated, please feel free to share your media with me where you see it's needed and I will get it on the site. I know Nina Jade & (Smatters09) and Luke Anthony (MrWrench) both have a lot of content I can add. Thanks to all who have shared including Satchel Goodnow (LumpyKoalaBear, oodles of pics and videos) and Jacob Felden (Red Bridge video) and others (Sirfoxx). Diarmait Ó Riain (Yaut) and I plan to add information to help others host a similar event, to include approximate costs and key tasks required. We will also have a "room for improvements" section and appreciate feedback from all who attended on things that could have been better or made the weekend more enjoyable. Enjoy!



PS - I just realized I need to add an "Awards" link as well to share the winners of our four categories!
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