tranny oil level? and WARNING

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tranny oil level? and WARNING

Post by xirdneh » Mon Mar 25, 2019 3:19 pm

have you checked your manual tranny oil level lately?
keep it topped off
when the front axle seals are dripping small amounts of oil
in the long run you will lose too much oil
when that happens teeth on the gears fall off
I just took in five trannys that were ruined because of low oil
they usually cannot be fixed.

to top off
get car up high enough to get under it
car should be close to level
pull the plug on side behind driverside front axle
insert bent wire a bit and remove to see where oil level is
try to do that without touching anything inside tranny (or you will pick up oil off the gears and get false reading)
if low pump oil in till it overflows
let sit for 15 minutes and try adding more
trannys hold 1.1 gallons
if you have to add a quart or more find the leak and fix it.
Love those Tercell 4x4 wagons but they sure suffer from road noise.

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