Intermittent coolant leak from front of engine

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Intermittent coolant leak from front of engine

Post by stanrob » Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:40 pm

Surprise #28, this one really discouraging: After about the 20th fully-warmed-up trip in this still-new-to-me 85T4D without any sign of coolant leakage, suddenly it dripped about a cup of coolant onto the pavement, then into the receptacle I then placed there. While it was dripping, I laid down to see where the drips came from. Not the radiator, not any of the hoses or hose connections, but somewhere on or near the driver-side front of the engine. It dripped first on other parts, and from there to the pavement. Too much in the way to see the exact leak site. I'm assuming that what finally stopped the drip was depletion of the usual built-up pressure.

I haven't seen a repeat of this yet, but I assume I will when I've done a fully-warmed-up trip.

Has anyone had this experience, and what could or did you do about it?

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Re: Intermittent coolant leak from front of engine

Post by Petros » Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:50 pm

water pump seal? nothing else in that area that would leak coolant.
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