1984 Tercel 4WD, complete restorable, engine bad, $500

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1984 Tercel 4WD, complete restorable, engine bad, $500

Post by mrdance123 »

1) car for sale, near Portland Oregon

This was a daily driver until last spring, aka 'foxy blue',
when it blew the head gasket, it needs engine rebuilt or replaced.
99% rust free and straight, just a few tiny bubbles under the back bumper,
the bottom edge of hatch, and the random dimple ding.
The transmission is perfect, a 3.73. ergo, $500 minimum, for whole car.

2) I also have a truckload of used spare parts, almost everything there is,
for someone who will take everything at once for the right price,
not included with $500 car, this is a 2nd deal.
You will need a truck, a trailer, or full size van to pick up all.
Also a collection of new bearings, seals, gaskets, for almost everything, from Rockauto.
This is for someone in the hobby who is perhaps restoring other T4s,
and has lots of available storage.
I don't want to mess with individual parts selling,
I am out of the hobby.

PM me, or email mrdance123@hotmail.com, with TERCEL in subject line,
if seriously interested in the whole parts collection.
I will get back to you with extensive detailed photos,
and spreadsheet inventory of 30+ organized storage bins full of parts.
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Re: 1984 Tercel 4WD, complete restorable, engine bad, $500

Post by dlb »

wow, that's a heck of a deal. Should sell quickly.
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Re: 1984 Tercel 4WD, complete restorable, engine bad, $500

Post by MrWrench »

very good deal. I wish you weren’t so far away. I have an engine ready to drop in!

The parts stash is worth saving!
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