Automotive Machine Shop PNW

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Automotive Machine Shop PNW

Post by Pleco815 » Thu May 17, 2018 7:22 pm

Was wondering if anyone out there living in Oregon or Washington recommends any machine shop nearby. Looking for one to modify 3a flywheel from 6 to 8 bolt pattern or swap ring gear from 3ac onto 4age flywheel after turning it down.

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Re: Automotive Machine Shop PNW

Post by Petros » Thu May 17, 2018 10:38 pm

do not allow anyone to weld up the holes in the flywheel unless they are familar with welding on cast iron. it has to be heated in an oven until it is just glowing dull red, than after the welding the weld needs to be normalized (heat soaked long enough to even out the internal stress caused by the welding).

that is why modifing the 4age flywheel is easier, and safer since it requires no welding, only machining to the correct size.

You will have to look for a machine shop near where you live, look for a smaller one in your area who does custom work. there are also many skilled "hobby" machine shop operators. those with a well equipped machine shop in their garage or home shop. you can start with a local "speed shop", or off road shop, they often have their own machine shop, or can refer you to one they use.

good luck.
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