diesel chevette

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Re: diesel chevette

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That Isuzu looks also very nice. Old Japanese pickups and vans from 1980s were a common sight 20 years ago but not anymore. However, there are still some of them luckily left.

We never had a Sentra 4wd here so that would be a bit more challenging one too spot for me. However there are other cool 80's Japanese 4wd cars, which would be possible to spot here: Mazda 323 4wd, Mitsubishi Lander 4wd station wagon, Nissan Sunny 4wd and Honda Civic/Shuttle 4wd. Especially the Civic/Shuttle one has something in common with Tercel 4wd if you look the picture attached. Unfortunately, I have seen lately only one Mazda 323 4wd rally car in museum.

Tercel 4wd was the most popular 80's 4wd Japanese car of my list as I have understood. So that is why the Tercel 4wd spare part situation should be much better than rest of these cars.
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Re: diesel chevette

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The subject brings back some old random memories.

A friend of mine used to have a secondhand diesel Chevette, original factory version I believe. Older car, friend told me stories about working on it, car needed various TLC to keep it running. It eventually got passed to a son in another state and probably long since retired.

Another friend had a 1980 Chevette with standard gasoline engine and four-speed manual, bought new. I drove it some miles. It used oil, drove like a truck, steering wheel was noticeably off-center relative to the driver's seat. Not a great car, makes my '83 Tercel seem very refined by comparison.
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