1986 Tercel 4wd

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1986 Tercel 4wd

Post by Nordical25 »

Well, I have previously thought not to buy more 4wd Tercels, because I am happy with two of them. However, I have been shopping lately. The result of shopping is a new Tercel 4wd 1986 for me.

One reason for that is that both of my 1987 ones have now a really nice paint job and they are not best candidates for offroading, which 4wd is kind of made for. Another reason was that lately I was offered a Tercel 4wd that I have known over 10 years. The price was reasonable to its condition. It needs a bit of attention. Suspension clunks when I drive it on gravel roads and there are some signs of rust present. I haven't inspected it further but I will put some attention to this during incoming seasons since both of my 1987 ones are quite completed now. I still need to verify also that it is worth of repairing by inspecting amount of structural rust.

This is also a nice addition to my Tercel collection since it has a nice Topaz brown color and a brown interior. Therefore it was something new compared to my red ones. So I hope that it will clean up and fix well during coming years.

With this purchase I can also prove that all Finnish Tercels are not red with grey or black interior. :D
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