ISO: Tercel 4WD wagon PNW

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ISO: Tercel 4WD wagon PNW

Post by Sinesn21 »

Hey all,

Looking for my first wagon. I’m in Oregon and I’m looking to spend $2500-3000. So far haven’t found anything I like. I’m hoping this might produce something! Thanks!

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Re: ISO: Tercel 4WD wagon PNW

Post by Mattel »

Have a look at craigslists especially in California where they can fail smog tests and come up for sale occasionally also the Facebook tercel 4wd page.
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Re: ISO: Tercel 4WD wagon PNW

Post by TillyTercel »

Good luck I’ve seen some. That need some work but look promising. ... tid=79PoIi ... tid=79PoIi ... tid=79PoIi
If you get one let me know I’m in Portland as well and would like to meet other homies with tercels!
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Re: ISO: Tercel 4WD wagon PNW

Post by Petros »

I have a friend that is willing to sell his 1984 SR5. it is gold, and though the body needs some minor attention (it has been sitting in the weather for ten years), it was running when we parked it. it originally came from OR with a completely blown engine (it dropped an exhaust valve, and trashed the low end, and the head). We towed it all the way back to Arlington WA, and we got a good wrecking yard engine for it, installed it, and got it running, installed new hoses, a new clutch, belts etc. I drove it several times around the block. strong and it was running great.

But than he let it sat in his yard. the tires are now low, but still holding air (though they should be replaced just because of their age now), the brakes were working, but I do not know now. and it will need a new battery, and fresh gasoline, and it should run. he told me he was going to get it running and sell it, but I know him. he is always busy with too many projects, and this is just another one he has been ignoring, he has too many other vehicles around his home. it would be nice to get it on the road, and cleaned up. I have recent pictures I can post, but I can not do it today.

if you want to come get it, and either tow it away, or take the time to get it running, he would take a nice offer on it. it would relieve him of another project he needs to do, so he might be willing to let it go for a decent price. the body is mostly good, including the gold paint. a few places where the paint was scratched or nicked has surface rust on it now, looks easy to correct. no major body rot anywhere that I found. Seats are all very good, a bit sun faded, picnic blanket plaid, and it has the inclinomter and the tach instrument cluster.

Let me know if you want to see it, and consider coming to get it. I will make the arrangements for you. It still has the Oregon title, since he never drove it, he never transferred the title.
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