AM Propellor Shaft (aka Drive Shaft-Rear) & Center Support #

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AM Propellor Shaft (aka Drive Shaft-Rear) & Center Support #


AM number at Powertrain Industries is 2392-602 for MTs and 2392-603 -for ATs.

I got a reman rear shaft from Powertrain Industries in September of 2010. It was $329 plus core of $60 (which was instantly refunded when old one received!).
And - the freight from Houston to STL was free!
And a UPS call tag was included!

This came with rebuildable U-joints with Zerk grease fittings. It was also balanced and came assembled - INCLUDING an installed new center support bearing!

My contact at PI's Springfield, MO office was Rick - extremely helpful and knowledgeful. He said the Houston location happened to have a T4WD shaft in stock and it shipped the next day.
EDIT August 2013: PI's Springfield website is Phone number is 417-863-1830. Rick is still there - ask to speak to him, and tell him Tom in STL from August 2010 and his T4WD recommended him and the company.

The toll-free number (CA home office) is 800-798-4585 - he said to mention his name when calling there. At the time in Sept., it had 53 (!) of our shafts in stock out there.
The web site is

> > > Note that it also sells the center support bearing for $57, which is FAR less than ANY other source; its number is 2380-20, and is the same for '82-'85 Celicas and Supras.

Note that after installation, if "new noises" are encountered from the transmission - just loosen the connection at the pumpkin and rotate the whole shaft 180 degrees; that fixed a worrisome noise for me.

Also see link ... ain#p42377

I would also definitely get new bolts/nuts for the flange mounts; the OE ones are EASY to round off!!! I also wound up having to buy an inexpensive ($9) crowfoot set from Harbor Freight because of the tight quarters on the flanges.
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Re: AM Propellor Shaft (aka Drive Shaft-Rear) & Center Support #

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