Farewell to my '85

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Farewell to my '85

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Good looking 85, needs TLC that, alas, I no longer have the time to offer. It drives my lengthy Bay Area commute daily, but is consuming coolant after (another) head gasket leak owing to a faulty thermostat. We've had some good times, and you will too, but you know how it is: this thing needs attention and work.

Haven't even tried to pass smog in a couple years for lack of the time and money to replace the downpipe and some other vac/carb stuff. Once you take care of that and replace the head gasket, you've got a very solid base car with low miles (~152,000). Transmission and 4wd in excellent condition. I also have an extra set of the 4-sided alloys that I'm happy to throw in. Also hasn't been registered in a couple years, so I'm not even sure how that works, but I'll bet we could figure something out.

I'd need at least 3k for it, or I just as soon give it my mechanic who I still owe a couple grand to, and maybe have a chance to buy it back in a couple years when the winds of fortune blow a little more favorably. I'm in the SF Bay Area. Come take a look.
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Re: Farewell to my '85

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Darn, looks quite nice. Good luck with the sale.
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