7age swapped 1986 4wd tercel for sale

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My tercel:: 1981 Toyota Tercel w/ 7age

7age swapped 1986 4wd tercel for sale

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Putting my wagon up for sale. In its current state, it does run and drive, but the engine needs a bit of love. Stock trans, 4wd is functional

2500 obo, may trade a 1st, 3rd, 4th or 5th gen tercel, paseo, or some sort of MD / HD truck.

Kansas City, Mo

1986 Tercel 4wd, 7AGE swapped.
7afe block
Blue top big port 4age head
Cat Cams
Adjustable cam gears
Broached crank gear
Holley sniper 2300 EFI
Scorcher dizzy / ignition
Spec stage 2 clutch
Brian crower h-beam rods
Cometic mls head gasket
Honda civic radiator

dyno'd at ~120whp, 120tq

This was the engine that was in the yellow first gen tercel in my PFP. When I scrapped said yellow first gen, I transplanted the engine into the wagon. The last two machine shops didnt get the bore correct when doing the machine work, and as such, it has blow by. Said blowby can be managed with a catch can if you choose to go that route.

Rest of the wagon is in okay shape. It has a bit of rust in the rear quarters in front of the rear wheels and on the hatch, but the rest of the undersides are clean. Drivers seat is torn as they usually are. SR5 cluster. Fuel tank and sending unit have been replaced as well. Front axle seals, carrier bearings, shocks + mounts, struts, brakes + hardware, sway bar bushings, have been replaced. Have not done front control arm bushings due to a lack of a hydraulic press ( i have recently acquired one tho so they maaaaay get replaced at some point). Brake master is from a ford probe / mazda 626 for clearance reasons. Wiper reservoir was relocated to the rear from when the wagon was turbocharged.

I'm sure I'm missing stuff but this is the gist of everything.

I get this is a project, and not a lot of people want to buy someone else's project, hence its price. I'd rather see this wagon go to another t4wd owner vs some rando who will inevitably blow the engine or transmission up by being super rough with it.

If I can't sell it, either its going to get crushed into a small cube or I may keep it if I can find the space, and the money to fix the motor properly (~$500 for machine work and parts). I'm currently balls deep in a 4agte swap on a 1st gen tercel, and have about 4 other cars that need heavy involvement to get them to where I'm satisfied to drive them reliably.
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