carburator problem..

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carburator problem..

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Hey! im very confused about my carburator.. and desesperate lol..
soooo, emm last year i baught a repair kit for my carburator and did it. i didnt adjust after the idle because i wasnt sure how to do it with just the sound,but now i have the same problem.. my car stall every time when the motor is hot.... sometime i have difficulty to start it..
can someone can share me their stories about it or give me some tips ? i just want to make sure if i am in the good direction for my diagnostic...
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Re: carburator problem..

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often when a car will not restart when warm it is not the carb, but more often an electrical component that is marginal and works when cold, but becomes intermittent or unreliable after it warms up. could be your ignitor in the distributor, or possibly a bad coil. or a bad electrical contact in the system. there are some simple tests to run in the FSM.

You have to check for spark when it is warm and will not start. pull a spark plug wire and hold the metal contact near the engine (about 1/4" away, wear thick gloves) and have someone crank it. you should get a strong bluish spark with a "snap, snap, snap!" with each cranking. if its weak, non existent, or yellowish and inconsistent, the problem is in the distributor.

You can also check the fuel level in the carb though the site glass, assuming you have the stock carb. if you can see fuel in the site glass in the float bowl, it is not out of fuel. if it runs cold with that carb, it should run warm too.
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