3A engines

Need a car part and don't know where to get it or how to install it. Look here!
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3A engines

Post by MrWrench »

Looking to sell a few 3A engines. I need to free up some parts/cash unfortunately.

It came from a running car a few years ago.
Will have distributor and comes complete from valve cover to oil pan. No brackets or manifolds. I will be needing them for a swirl port 4A-C swap.
I think $150 is a reasonable price for this engine.

I have another 3A that is in unknown condition. It was sitting in an enclosed barn for approximately 10 years. When I pulled the valve cover (was not bolted down) I found some mouse poo. Turns over with a ratchet.
$65. Comes bare and I need the oil pan. I can leave the oil pan on until it is picked up just to make sure there's no metal debris in the bottom. If any is found, you can just have it for free.

I'll throw in a freshly resurfaced 3A flywheel for an additional $50
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Re: 3A engines

Post by Neu »

I'd really like an engine but i'm curious how much the shipping from MI to OR would be. It's quite a bit of hassle too.
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Re: 3A engines

Post by Petros »

Neu wrote: Sun May 15, 2022 10:10 am I'd really like an engine but i'm curious how much the shipping from MI to OR would be. It's quite a bit of hassle too.
I shipped engines before. you need to make a solid wood or steel frame to bolt it to, and than wrap it the crate with heavy cardboard. Fed Ex charges more for wood crates, so easy to cover it with cardboard. FedEx freight is the common and best way for heavy items, but I had some trouble with the many departments I had to interface with (seems one department does not know what the others are doing). this not their overnight service, it gets shipped by truck, but usually only takes 3 to 5 days to cross the country.

Simplest is from shipping center to shipping center, so you drive it to drop off and, you drive to go to pick it up a the other end (that was one of my problems, they sent it to a different location, and made no record of where it went). some people use Greyhound bus freight, they use the excess baggage capacity in their buses to ship freight, usually a great price, but again you have to take it to a Greyhound depot to drop it off, and it gets picked up from a Greyhound station at the other end.

prices have done up since the last time I shipped an engine, perhaps 10 years ago. figure pehaps $1.75 a pound? both Fed ex and Greyhound freight have calculators where you can estimate the shipping costs. but be wary, you never know for sure final costs: another beef I had with Fed Ex, I had a shipping quote in writing for cost, and when I got the box to their shipping center, they refused to honor my quote (from FED-Ex) and demanded more money. they also attempt to get you with surcharges and other extras not in their quote. And not only was their "help center" completely useless, their customer service department was entirely unresponsive when I sent them many angry emails with the shipping costs and their quite attached. So, their advertising jingles about putting their customers first is just another marketing lie. It felt like a gigantic scam operation.

Sorry about the tone of my post, it just still makes me angry to this day, over a decade later, how I had to go look for my crate they miss placed, in their warehouse, and got to pay extra for the privilege. It delayed getting my daughters car together by several days. that delayed me getting back to my normal work, and cost me the extra days of income too.

my normal shipping of car parts and vitamins i get on line has become much less reliable this last year as well. so, do not expect it to get delivered quickly. And I would insure it for a lot, for your trouble since there seems a high chance they may leave it on shipping dock somewhere at an unknown location.
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