Rusty 88 tercel value?

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Rusty 88 tercel value?

Post by Mac »

Hey guys, long time no post.

I found a tercel about 2 hour outside of vancouver BC, its been in the guys driveway for about 2 years and he said hes ready to let it go since he realizes he wont do anything with it.

Its a 1988, manual trans, PS, no AC, not a SR5 Its really rusty, its got 407,000km i figure its got a couple years untill your feet go through the floor.

What do you think its worth? Im thinking its only worth its parts when the rust inevitably takes the car
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Re: Rusty 88 tercel value?

Post by Nordical25 »

Hi Mac,

We had just a discussion of Tercel valuation. It is found under General "Value Determination".

You can find some tips from there. Each car is a bit different so there is no general rule, just some reasoning why pay extra and why not.
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Re: Rusty 88 tercel value?

Post by dlb »

Wow, hi Mac. Long time no see. You're one of the originals.

Back when I got into t4's around 2007, I would have said it's worth about $200. But now, the price of EVERYTHING is inflated, plus the price of t4's has especially inflated. So even if that car is as big a POS as it sounds like, I would expect to pay $500-$800? Maybe more, if it's not as bad as it sounds. That's my 2 cents anyway.
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Re: Rusty 88 tercel value?

Post by MrWrench »

I paid $800 for my 84 Sr5 and the body is absolutely toast.
I’ll post a picture at some point when I get on a computer with pictures of it.
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