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Re: Tunes for the Road


Holy Smoke, keith!
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky? Fats Domino? Dave Brubeck?
Man, you are in my territory! "Riders" came out when I was 9; believe it or not, I still can quote the entire song (my Gkids do not appreciate it, though).
And the Fat Man? My fav in HS and - he is still around in NO. Someone did a recent TV show about him and his losses in Katrina.
I almost saw Brubeck on his last tour in STL back in 2010; it was cancelled due to his health.
Tom M.
T4WD augury?
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Re: Tunes for the Road

Post by keith »

Aw, some of these guys wouldn't know good music if it ... you know the rest. I like some classical music as well but not in the car. You need an environment capable of supplying a 60 dB dynamic range and since most cars have an ambient noise at cruising speed of between 75 to 95 dB, that is not possible.

I wonder if there is a way of my sending you that Mahilia Jackson recording, it will bring tears to your eyes. I digitized it myself from a Longenes recording. I saved it in both the CD format and the MP3 format. The MP3 is a smaller file even though I used the highest bit rate (320bps) that it will support.
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Re: Tunes for the Road

Post by Neu »

I'll just post this.

New ben folds five album so i'm listening to a lot of that.
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Re: Tunes for the Road

Post by GLet71 »

I'm going to see Leonard Cohen on Nov 12. Yes, that's who I named my DLX after~
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Re: Tunes for the Road

Post by emmahumpfritter »

Okay D, stumbled upon the new Cattle Decapitation Album. Heard it?

In a sea of bands who have painted themselves into a corner musically, somehow these guys keep doing something that hits hard.

saw them live in the cities once. They got so disgusted by the patented hipster arms crossed stance (can't lose your "cool" and animate) their set was 30 minutes long. When my small posse yelled "one more!" they came out and did "The decapitation of Cattle" which is a one second "fuck ya'll" blast. Classic :)

Anaal Nathrahk rules too. ... re=related
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Re: Tunes for the Road

Post by dlb »

heard some cattle decap over the years but never been psyched on them. saw them at the maryland deathfest and they were ok, met the singer and he wasn't very cool. however, i hung out with members of bolt thrower, asphyx, napalm death, pestilence, and atheist, and they were all wicked sweet.

anaal nathrahk is definitely something special. they've got a good grind sound that i'm pretty into. yet to find a full album of theirs that i can get behind 100% but they're definitely one of the few 'new' extreme bands i think are legit.
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