1997 4runner

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Re: 1997 4runner

Post by irowiki » Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:47 pm

Well, between winter and corona, it took a while to get back up there and finish it up. It's actually a 1997!

Putting drum brakes back together from scratch is fun when all you have is a reference picture from a repair manual that covers 5 different car models so half the pieces in the picture aren't actually used in your model.

But we got it done, with new bearings and seals all around. Took her out for a test drive, and started misfiring, on #2. Pulled that plug boot and the connector stayed on the plug! Easy diagnostic, easy fix, new plugs and wires all around, runs much better now.

Super LOUD, got under her to do a leak test and noticed there was no muffler, just a straight pipe. Getting a new one installed today.

Of course the AC worked before it sat for a year. Getting that checked too. (UPDATE: They said they found no leaks and it just needed a charge)

Going to get a "new" hatch too, nothing works in the current one.

Seems to be kinda dead in the powerband between 2-3k RPM. Need to look into that.

Ran a little hot, 190-195 on the highway, up to 211 going up steep hills, going to see if I can clean the radiator out.

There's a squeaking coming from the back under acceleration, after reading around seems the U-Joint may need replacing.
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Re: 1997 4runner

Post by NWMO » Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:29 pm

Hey Paul,

Good to hear from you and good to hear you are making progress on the 4Runner!

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