What iv been doing.

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What iv been doing.

Post by CathodeRayTube » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:28 pm

il try to keep this as condensed as possible but il explain what iv been doing the last couple years as well as what automotive related stuff iv been doing...2014, drove to CA, thought it sucked after 3 months, came home to PA. 2015, got CDL & drove truck for 1 year...thought it sucked and came home. 2016...back to old joke of a job supervisor desk job surfing the net and drinking coffee at a desk 30hrs/week...recently got fird from that, for an invalid reason, new management came in and cleaned house fired 5 others the same week as me and me for something my subordinate employees were doing in a different part of the building that i knew nothing about...but was sick of the job and about to quit anyway...now collecting unemployment, and ironically just moved into a 6 bedroom house to myself and a cat because a friend of family is selling her house and granting me rent free residency in exchange for yard work and the electric bill... CARs: Aquired in March, the 86 Nissan Stanza i had a previous thread about when i was first looking at it, i went ahead and bought and am still fixing it up to be my main car for a while...the Auto Tercel didnt pass inspection for brakes and is on the back burner...as is the Diesel project that is approaching 8? years old.. in the process of making an oil pan for that if i recall. The nissan has been taking forever to get on the road for a multitude of reasons, some of which appears to be stupid engineering on nissans part that i think i was actually forwarned about...progress with all projects has been greatly hampered by depression, lack of motivation, heat, flying insects, rain, disorganization AND my fathers piss poor attitude and him generally in the way being a pest... Aquired July 2016: 1986 Dodge Colt Vista from TN with 42k original miles, old people car in good shape, power everything and very nice...except its an automatic FWD...so theres an engine/A/4wd driveline swap planned there and a 4G64 build (mistubishi), 3 parts vehicles known on a private farm that i am free to contact the owner about with as much time as i need, years etc.. Colt vista project on back burner...85' F250 torn apart for restoration...slow progress due to lack of organization...bought Por15 for it and now cant find it, new to sandblasting and experimenting with that...really its all a huge mess but could be worse...i have many more projects also, including the Barn itself which im attempting to build a 2nd floor in and an apartment...and now moving into this new house and pretending im a real adult playing house is taking up my time more...i have a Lincoln that needs the heater core replaced among other things...the alternator died in the Yugo...in fact im actually down to 1 running/legal car now so im trying to get the nissan done...the remaining car is the Mercury Grand marq which has been very reliable and took me to CA and back, but i dont know how much i trust it lately... dare i say it im having my doubts about if i even enjoy being a hobbyist mechanic anymore...lately it seems more frustrating than anything even though i know how to do everything.. Apparently i may have ADD...hence starting all these projects and never finishing anything... last week i bought a 91 Isuzu Trooper 5speed v6 for less than $1k...another one in the collection that i am thinking of largely as full size matchbox cars...
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Re: What iv been doing.

Post by Petros » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:28 pm

wow, what a collection, and back log. Adult with ADD sounds about right. I suffer the same problem, but I have to generate an income to pay a mortage, so I have to stay focused.

do yourself a favor, this is what I do when too many projects are getting me down: make a list of all the cars you have, what they need as far as cost of parts and a realistic amount of time it will take to fix it the way you want. Add them all up. than you should go back and list them in order of priority of what you like best, and least. Get ride of the ones that you like least, than focus only on the one (or two) you like most. when those are done you can decide if you really want to invest more time and money into the rest, than get ride of them.

your life will be unburdened, and you will be much happier.

when you see light at the end of the tunnel, and there is noticable progress, your mood will improve, and so will your productivity.

good luck.
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