Fixing non functioning speedometer

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Fixing non functioning speedometer

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I have no idea how to make a write up, but I did successfully bring my speedometer back to life. It was making a rubbing sound while driving, the sound came from behind the cluster. Eventually the speedo quit. I checked the cable adapter at the transmission, found the adapters cable separated internally. Tried to turn the speedo cable by hand from under the car, couldn't do it. Opened the cluster, tried to turn the speedo by hand with a nail inserted into the cable location on the speedo. Still stuck. So apart comes the speedo, and find the magnetic rotating disc doesn't want to turn anymore and attempts to lube it are futile. Thank you baileysims, for the speedo you sent, the back half of it is in there now along with the cable adapter I got from Redding pick n pull. Trying to post pics but I'm new to this sorry
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Re: Fixing non functioning speedometer

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Thanks for the update. It is easiest to post pics direct from the phone, but can easily be done from the computer as well. In Full Editor, click attachments and then select your photos, glad you got it fixed.

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