Water holes seems larger than that of gasket holes

Here's some good repair guides for your Tercel :) Look here for help first!
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Water holes seems larger than that of gasket holes

Post by Dumindu » Sun May 27, 2018 10:46 am

My car is a Toyota Tercel 1987 4WD 1452CC DX Wagon.

I have disassembled the engine for a repair.

I could see the water hole orifices in the head are bit larger than those holes in the gasket.

should I repair the head?

I mean fill the hole orifices and cut.

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Re: Water holes seems larger than that of gasket holes

Post by Petros » Sun May 27, 2018 4:26 pm

the holes in the gasket are smaller than the openings in the block and head for a reason. they have to get the sandcasting cores out after the metal is cast, and the larger the hole the better the clean out process.

the gasket is used to regulate the circulation of coolant between the block and the head, do not just cut out the holes in the gasket. It will results in unknown circulations and irregular cooling of the head, which it already suffers from poor design.

There are a few holes you can add, but do it carefully so as not affect other parts of the coolant circulation.

Read about it here in my head gasket procedure:

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