Yet another new guy post

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Yet another new guy post

Post by Starmarst » Tue Aug 18, 2020 10:10 pm

Hello everyone. I thought id make my introductions. Im not sure of im gonna be accepted since i only have 2 fwd tercels. But i thought after a few days of solid reading(lurking) here i should try and join the community.

About 2 years ago i bought a 1980 accord and spent probably too much time/money into this restoration. I had everything perfect but the interior and i LOVED it. Then when i moved into my previous town there was this little car i loved the look of. So when i found out it was a tercel i had to get me one. I found a little old beater with 60k miles for 400 and bought it up. It looked like garbage but it started up no problem after 2 years of sitting. I wanted to restore it and turn it into a 'mad max' style car. Even maybe make it 4wd if it were possible.

I saw another on craigslist for 200 and thought id buy it for parts. And upon seeing it, its a wagon with little rust with 167k miles and it ran. What a steal! So, instead of using it for parts its now the main wagon. So now im not sure if i should cannibalize the orange coup or have both the wagon and the coup. The only thing im sure of now, is i was a classic honda fanatic. But now im completely obsessed with these tercels.

Here is the orange one i own. Its pretty garbage in cosmetics but i love it (wife doesn't). Ill post one of my blue wagon when i get a good photo.

82 - tercel coup
85 - wagon
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Re: Yet another new guy post

Post by dlb » Wed Aug 19, 2020 8:53 am

Welcome, Starmarst. We actually have quite a few FWD members here. As far as the wagon's go, they share a lot of the same parts.

However, I think the engine is the only thing the 1st gen's (aka your brown coupe) share with the 2nd gen's so I don't think you will see much use in cannibalizing one for the other. There are a few members here with 1st gen's though so you may still be able to find help or parts with yours if you need it.

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Re: Yet another new guy post

Post by Mattel » Wed Aug 19, 2020 5:15 pm

Hi Starmarst and welcome. The only Tercel we ever had in Australia is the 4wd Wagon in manual. I haven't seen many FWD ones.
Where are you based? you can update your profile. There may be more members in your area that can help with parts. Post some photos of your Wagon sometime please!
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Re: Yet another new guy post

Post by Petros » Thu Aug 20, 2020 1:01 am

welcome to the forum! yes, collecting old Tercels seems to be a strange affliction for many of us, they are just hard to resist once you have owned, and loved, one. No matter how pathetic its condition. Beware, you may become a Tercel horder before for long.

Funny, my wife and daughters have had the same reaction to my Tercels for 20 years! when my oldest daughter was in collage and needed a car, I found a nice 4wd tercel wagon in auto trans, and drove it to Texas from the Seattle area to deliver it her. she was kind of skeptical of it, too much like a "dad" car. it did not take long for her to fall it love with it, depite its short comings (auto trans is really underpowered). some years later when she was in a traffic mishap, she was willing to spend more than it was worth just to save it. could have been fixed, but it was not worth it, I had a hard time talking her out of it. She has been driving a Matrix ever since, and has enjoyed that very much, even if it does not have the personality of the old T4wd wagon.
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