OM617.952 into 1990 4runner

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OM617.952 into 1990 4runner

Post by toyotasr542 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:20 pm

Hey all,

New to the forums here, and just bought a white 1984 t4wd to drive around while I work on this project. Thought I'd share some of what I've got going on. Most of this is reposted from peachparts forum and, I'll clean it up in the next few days . Will add photos later as well. This swap currently has 12000 miles on it, but is undriveable as I fix some things that were made to work, not look good.

My plan so far is to keep the om617 stock for the swap, and to keep the Toyota body and internals as stock as possible

-Fab some simple engine mounts with a plate of steel and some premade engine mounts like these, with steel stock welded to the frame to attach these to LINK
-Use the MB PS bracket and pump mated to the Toyota PS gearbox, getting rid of the crossover hardlines. I used a 14mm to 16mm adapter listed here
-Toyota alt mounted to the MB alt location and modified bracket, using all Toyota wiring, minor filing needed on 'engine front' side of alternator pivot
-Toyota starter mated to transfer plate
-No AC since I live in Western WA

For the vacuum shutoff on the engine, I plumbed a line from the main vacuum pump tubing to supply vacuum to toyota part #90910-12073 and from there to the vacuum shutoff port on the IP with a check valve close to the pump, and a slit cut into the vacuum line to bleed the vacuum off. I wired the VSV into the cigarette lighter 12v+ on. That way, when the car is 'on' the vacuum is closed on the vsv, and when the car is 'off' the port opens and pulls vacuum on the IP, then shortly thereafter, the vacuum is drained from the bleed hole enabling a restart. Plumbing for the line goes to the single port side for the vacuum source, and then the

I ended up culling a bunch of the electrical system the other day, and was left with very little going into the ECU. This diagram shows what was eliminated

Here is a summary of what it took and pictures will be added as I can take them:

-Adapter plate to mate MB om617.952 to Toyota r150f
-Bearing adapter
-Redrilled Toyota flyhweel for 8 new MB holes
-Modified oil pan for steering linkage clearance (removed steering stabilizer)
-Moved transmission 3in back and made plate for crossmember, cut out space in tunnel for shifters
-Filed down MB AC bracket to mount Toyota V-belt alternator, moved alternator wires to driver side
-Found adapter for PS pump hoses to fit Toyota PS gear box
-Removed front support for radiator fitment

And the To-Do list
-Finish radiator support mount

Here's some more pictures.

Throttle adapter

Glow plug wiring and placement

A-Pillar gauges

Glow plugs and auxillary switch

Fan relay wiring, stuffed into the fuse box

Repositioned transmission, inside view

Here's some more from the last round of project time

99-04 Mustang hood scoop in ford metallic blue

Centered, templated, and ready to drill

Driled and secured
'90 4runner 4wd sr5, OM617.952 turbodiesel/R150F transmission, ~155k on odometer, ~10k on swap
'84 Tercel 4wd sr5,

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Re: OM617.952 into 1990 4runner

Post by helipilot77 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:16 pm

Welcome to the forum. Interesting project. You might get more interest over on the marlin crawler forum. I have my diesel swapped 4Runner build thread over there. ... =98969.480
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