1984 Euro Tercel 4WD Wagon

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Re: 1984 Euro Tercel 4WD Wagon

Post by FRQ » Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:08 pm

@Petros: I'm quite happy to have found it. The timing is all wrong for another project, but I couldn't pass it up. :) I never see these as projects anymore. Seems like ever since savings accounts stopped paying interest, people started investing in other things, classic cars being one of them, it has become a total stockmarket with prices soaring. I still enjoy dabbling in vintage Alfa's, but in a world where a nice 101 series Giulietta costs an average of 70000 USD, with earlier 750 Veloce examples going upwards of 130000 USD, it's no longer fun.

I just want to drive my cars and tinker with them, the exorbitant prices just mean much higher parts costs and insurance rates. I'm actually quite looking forward to the day the bubble bursts.

It's partially what drove me to more obscure Toyota models, so in a sense I shouldn't complain. The little Tercel is just as much fun in its own way for a fraction of the cost. Bang for buck it can't be beat. :D

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