No fuel/ no start after running all morning

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No fuel/ no start after running all morning

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So my wagon runs fine. I can take it out three different places and stop and shop for 30-60 minutes at each. The fourth stop though, when I get back to the car it starts, dies and has to be heavily persuaded with gas or starting fluid to get her running again. Sometimes it’s the third stop.

I’ve replaced all fuel and vacuum lines. The fuel pump and carburetor have been replaced. I’ve tested the new pump, which appears fine. There is still no fuel getting to the carburetor. I open the gas cap, no hissing, but still no fuel. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a full or low tank. The tanks been dropped to replace the flex lines and its clean as a whistle. The filter sock is clean. The fuel filter in the engine compartment has been replaced.

It takes four or more hours to get it started without gas or starting fluid. Prior to replacing the fuel and vacuum lines it took 8 hours. Any advice or information would be appreciated.
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