Part the idler pulley bolts to?

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Part the idler pulley bolts to?

Post by Mickey_D » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:26 pm

I may have the chance to get an 84 auto that someone did the timing belt on and got a little hefty tightening the idler pulley up and snapped the boss it bolts into.

Does it bolt into the aluminum part that bolts to the front of the engine block or does it bolt into the cast part if the block?

Just wondering because if it's the aluminum part, I can replace it and go. But if it's the engine block, I really don't have the time, money or patience to mess with it.
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Re: Part the idler pulley bolts to?

Post by Petros » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:14 pm

it is bolted to the aluminum front cover that is part of the oil pump. it is not so easy to replace because you have to lower the oil pain so you can unbolt the oil pick up tube. I have replacede the oil pump several times without removing the engine, a bit of a hassle but it can be done.

you loosen the front mounts and jack up the front of the engine to give you room under the engine, remove all of the 10mm oil pan bolts (requires 1/4" drive with a u-joint to reach some of the bolts, and an open end wrench to get several of the rear bolts off). than using the 10 mm open end wrench your remove the bolts for the oil pick up tube from the bottom of the oil pump, than you an unbolt the front cover/oil pump. once you replace the oil pump assembly, you will have to put sealant on the oil pan flange and get it all back in place, careful not to over tighten the oil pan bolts, it will distort the oil pan and cause it to leak.

you have to remove the front nut and front pulley to get the oil pump off the front of the engine.

I bought a decent tercel4wd that had the timing belt brake and than wrap around the tentioner, than then ripped out of the mount on the front of the oil pump. not such an easy job to replace the oil pump, but it can be done without pulling the engine.

if the mount hole is just stripped, I might consider putting a coil insert into the threaded hole before I replace it. OTOH if the mount is broken off, you will have to replace the oil pump.
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