interchangeable parts with Corolla? A/C and other parts

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interchangeable parts with Corolla? A/C and other parts

Post by JMack » Tue Mar 19, 2019 8:34 pm

My husband and I bought a 1985 4WD Wagon back in October, and it needs a lot of work. New head gasket (we think), total AC replacement (the seller removed it), heater core, driver's-side door handle and window crank, rear sway bar, possibly issues with the radiator. Some rust but we were told it's mostly surface.

We also bought a 1986 FWD Corolla Sedan that we don't intend to keep. Before selling the Corolla, we are wondering how many parts/components (if any) are interchangeable. After some initial research, it doesn't seem likely due to different engines and size, but we are not mechanically inclined at all, so we don't know all of the components we would need, or even where they are located.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.

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Re: interchangeable parts with Corolla? A/C and other parts

Post by Petros » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:48 am

the wheels and tires should interchange, the corolla may use 14" wheels, but they should bolt up and have a similar rolling diameter. so choose the best tires of the two cars, and keep the best ones in a set.

not much else is interchangeable. However the interior sun visors may be interchangeable.

owning such an old car like the Tercel4wd, even though it is a reliable car, usually means a lot of maintenance to keep it running. ON a car this old there are always parts that need to be replaced. If you can not do the work yourself, this car may be too costly to own. With the instructions in their forum, and a simple tool kit, you can keep your tercel running, and save you a lot of repair expenses as well.
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