'88 Tercel automatic won't start....not even a click

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Re: '88 Tercel automatic won't start....not even a click

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Took apart some of my spare starters and found two contacts that appeared new, swapped them into a motor with good teeth and cleaned everything up, it has started about 10 times in a row, I think that solved the issue. Thanks for the knowledge.
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Re: '88 Tercel automatic won't start....not even a click

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jmoore wrote: Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:56 pm Petros sorry for the confusion but I am not the original poster...I figured my question was relevant to this topic so I chimed in hoping for answers. I have a loud pronounced click as if the starter is engaging then grounding out or something. I jumped it, still have the same click as before when I reconnect negative terminal. I cleaned the ignition switch terminals as suggested, and then began looking for a relay because it seems like it gets the power then grounds.
If you get a click but no crank it’s likely your starter. Take a piece of pipe or axe handle and thump on your starter a few times then try starting it. If it starts, pull your starter and clean it. If not, thump it harder a few times and try again. If the thumping breaks the starter loose then throw out is gummed up. It could be cleaned.
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