Q for the weber peeps

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Re: Q for the weber peeps

Post by Wgyde91 »

I really wish I could post a video, I'm getting terrible fuel boil. You can very clearly hear it after shut off. This Weber is giving me all sorts of trouble. Carb is getting very warm and I have all the heat Shields in place, removed all emissions. I'm not sure where to go from here.
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Re: Q for the weber peeps

Post by dlb »

Do you have the phenolic spacer between the carb and the manifold? Many members here deleted it but it's the first thing I would look at if I was having a fuel boil issue.
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Re: Q for the weber peeps

Post by NWMO »

Hey Wgyde91,

I fought this some at the get together this weekend. If we slowed down or stopped for a bit, my fuel bowl would run dry and require priming/flooding/cranking. Even after running sometimes, I was down for short periods as the fuel would boil off and it seemed stupid hot under the hood. I swapped fuel pumps and that certainly helped, but I'm going to peak in the carburetor soon, as I expect I have a restriction at the small screen at the bottom of the carb "intake" (in/next to the bowl). I surmise when the fuel runs low it gets hot quicker and then vaporizes creating more heat, etc. Now, I'm still running the stock carb, but it would seem the challenge may be universal. I am also going to double check my float setting, as a float set too low would minimize fuel levels in the bowl and contribute to the problem.
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Re: Q for the weber peeps

Post by Petros »

most of the gasoline has ethanol which boils off at a lower temp than gasoline, which does not help. when it is moving you should have a lot of moving air under the hood, and the cooler fuel coming into the carb from the fuel tank. but when you stop the intake manifold and carb would heat up. make sure all of the heat sheilds are in place, including the one that goes under the fuel pump (that also insulated the fuel pump mount). I have also wrapped the fuel lines in the engine compartment with insulation and heavy aluminum foil to act as a heat shield, to keep all of the fuel lines away from the heat source.

generally I do not have this problem where I live, but if crossing the desert, or in the southwest, short stops, like when I get gasoline, always create a starting issue. I have gotten in the habit of lifting the hood as soon as I stop, fill up, go use the rest room, etc. and than start the car, than drop the hood right before I drive off. lifting the hood lets all the heat escape while refueling. Spraying water all over the fuel system usually cools it enough to allow it to start.

And BTW, if the fuel boils in the carb, it does not make it hotter. the vaporizing fuel would actually cool it down. but with the fuel boiled off it will not run.
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Re: Q for the weber peeps

Post by splatterdog »

A stuck heat riser valve can also cause heat issues.

An insulating spacer is a must. There are Weber spacers available if not using the stock spacer/heater. I've had a couple stock ones leak vacuum at the heater wires grommet.

Maybe hold the throttle open after the engine is hot and see if there is a leakdown happening by bad gasket, casting flaw, leaky Welch plug..
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