AE86 & AE82 Corolla parts swapping to AL25 Tercels?

Need a car part and don't know where to get it or how to install it. Look here!
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AE86 & AE82 Corolla parts swapping to AL25 Tercels?

Post by Kozuto_98 » Sat Jun 27, 2020 10:34 am

So a couple weeks ago I was tearing apart the rear suspension on my AL25 Tercel with a friend when she mentioned that the rear axle and suspension looks identical to her 1984 Corolla GTS AE86.
After we finished tearing down my wagon we jacked up her Corolla to have a look, and sure enough it's the same!

This got me thinking about parts swapping and parts sourcing, so I decided to take a look on Toyota's parts website, and here's what I found!

Here's the diagram for AL25 Tercel wagons
Here's the diagram for AE86 Corollas
It's pretty much the same setup!
Now I will point out that there is some slight variations in parts numbers.
What I was mainly looking at were the coil springs, as I've been having a tough time tracking down new ones as mine are completely shot on my wagon.
I ordered some stock replacement AE86 springs from rockauto to test this theory and they fit right in! I think the part number variation is due to a difference in the spring stiffness.
If I had the time and money to test more of the aftermarket parts for AE86 Corollas on these wagons I would, as I'd like to see if things like coilovers or link arms would also swap over, and maybe even swapping the rear brakes from drums to AE86 disc brakes.

As for sourcing some new front springs, I've sadly run into the same parts availability troubles.
But here's where I noticed another similarity to other Toyota models. A few years ago I owned a 1987 Corolla FX16 AE82 that also needed it's fair share of work. When I was tearing apart the front suspension on my AL25 tercel last week I noticed that the shock and spring setup looked very close to what my old Corolla FX16 had. The main difference seems to be the knuckle, control arm design, and sway bar placement.

So again, I went back to Toyota's parts website to have a look, and here's what I found.

Here's the diagram for AL25 Tercel wagons
wagon spring.jpg
Here's the diagram for AE82 Corolla FX16s
fx spring.jpg
The shock and spring design seem to be the same. However, like with the AE86 springs, there is also a parts number variation with the springs.

I have yet to order the front springs to see if they will for sure fit, but I will make sure to update this post when the time comes!

If anyone knows of other parts that can be swapped over to these Tercel wagons please let me know! These cars aren't getting younger and parts must be found!
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