Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!

Post by irowiki »

Thought I'd check in, not been around here in a little while. Man, what times we live in. How's everyone doing?

School's cancelled rest of the year (doing google classroom stuff), working at home, been sick for three weeks, finally not sick (was the flu, not COVID-19). Going to do some long due work to the RV.

Be safe!
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Re: Hello everyone!

Post by Mattel »

Hi Paul, long time no hear. Thanks for setting up this forum so well.

My part of Australia is in lock down. Strangely one of the four sports you are allowed to do is Surfing but I have refrained because I have to drive an hour each way. Most of us are taking this pretty seriously and for the most part the various governments have been working together apart from letting the odd cruise ship dock and allow diseased passengers to walk around without isolation.. ooops. There are a few people not following commonsense but most have been compliant.
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Re: Hello everyone!

Post by dlb »

Yeah, same here, Matt. There are always one or two jokers at the grocery store who think they know better than everyone else and don't need to follow the same guidelines the rest of us are but for the most part, people are taking it seriously. I finally did my first pandemic grocery shop last week and it was neat to see what a ghost town the city was.

I'm lucky in that my work is not affected, that we have an acre of property to do stuff, and endless hiking trails right outside our door, so I really haven't been too affected by all of this. There are always lots of projects to work on, like fixing up some old roof racks for the ae92 wagon I just picked up. I already replaced the rear struts on it (very grateful rockauto is still operating) and now it's having some exhaust work done. Very excited to start driving it soon.
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Re: Hello everyone!

Post by NWMO »

Hey Paul,

I’ve been slacking some (not on the daily stuff for the site), but I need to organize/link the second half of Robert’s awesome youtube tutorials and try to keep making small improvements. If you search “Tercel Midwest Meet & Greet 2020” on Facebook, you will find what Diarmait (Yaut) and I have been working on as well. If you scroll down below details, you will find an area map and links to pics and a few videos of the areas we are driving/enjoying.

Covid-19 has been here a week or 10 days, but just here and there. I expect that to change in the next week or two, so time will tell. It hasn’t changed my routine much yet, still driving to work 5 days a week and loving the car.
Both boys are in Springfield, MO and completing classes online.
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