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Tercel Midwest Meet & Greet

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:09 am
Hey All,

Let me start by saying I am taking COVID-19 seriously and trying to do my part for social distancing, etc., though no cases have been reported in the counties I live or work. I also don't want to assume the worst, so this announcement is assuming we are through this health challenge in the next six months. I know some are not fans of Facebook and I understand, however, due to it's ease of use, I have created an "Event" page to share for the Tercel Midwest Meet & Greet 2020. Diarmait has co-created the page and we will continue to add pics/videos and other information we feel is helpful or that is reasonably requested.

For those interested in camping, I would like to RESERVE a group of camp sites near the shower house at Cobb's Ridge for this event. I have never spent the evening in this campground and I am certain it will be busy and loud during daylight hours (hopefully quiet in the evenings), as it is part of a motorcycle/UTV trail system. Any input on interest in camping would be appreciated, I believe the sites can be reserved six months in advance. For those not interested in camping, there are ample hotels near the activity area. I have started a post on the FB page that provides links to three of the closer hotels for those interested. That said, there are other locations available as well (including Table Rock lake campsites roughly 30 minutes away), but none as central to the activity area. We understand this event will be too far or the wrong time for many, but pledge to do our best to make this a fun weekend for all attending. Lodging/food/beverage/etc. will be on your own, we may have a campfire cookout Saturday night where hamburgers and hotdogs are provided. We haven't got local attractions entered yet, but will try to include other activities going on in the area that our spouses may be interested in if driving National Forest service roads isn't their thing. This is (in my opinion) a beautiful area and great location to drive, explore and enjoy. If possible, please visit the event page before asking questions, we have tried to provide needed information there.

Tercel Midwest Meet & Greet 2020

For those not able to visit the Facebook page, please PM or message here and we will get you the needed info another way. For those that do visit the site, under Details you will find links for an area map with marked locations and further down, you should find pics and videos of some of the locations. As we have time, we hope to get all or most of the locations included in the photo/video area. Diarmait and my family are planning on a great weekend and invite all of our friends here. Please PM me if you are interested, but have challenges or concerns, we will do our best to help. I will likely share this on the similar FB site as well once we receive some comments/suggestions here.

Chris and Diarmait

Be safe and thoughtful during this health challenge.

Re: Tercel Midwest Meet & Greet

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 9:00 am
by AugustusFerdinand
Typically I don't go to meets as it seems I can't stop tinkering long enough to say my cars will be ready at a specific date, but those meets are usually set within a month or so and this one is over 6 months away and I'd be ticked at myself if the pile of parts I have (and have coming) during this whole ordeal weren't installed and the 7AGE swap not done by then, so I put myself in as interested.

It's a 9 hour drive from here, I've never gone off road more than down a trail to a cabin in the mountains, the dates are near my anniversary, and the wife has actually been asking me if I like camping, so this may be a perfect opportunity to check a bunch of boxes, meet up with some other like minded Tercelnerds, and have an overall good time.

Stay healthy and I hope to see you all there.

Re: Tercel Midwest Meet & Greet

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 1:54 pm
That would be awesome A/F,

Branson, MO with all of the shows and hoopla is just south of the Meet & Greet area and there is some beautiful camping on Tablerock lake as well as cabin rental for those that prefer. I have stayed at Kimberling City Port & Marina camping area and rented a pantoon off the "What's Up Dock Mariana" and they have boat rental available if you and the misses want to take a cruise on the water.


Re: Tercel Midwest Meet & Greet

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 6:49 am
Hey friends,

This is still a go for this fall and should be a great time and good opportunity it get out and relax. I reserved a couple extra campsites for Saturday night and I believe they have already been claimed, but let me know if your interested or I can help in any way. If I can get caught up on the Tercs some, I look forward to updating the event posts with Diarmait (Yaut).