New Kioto lenses and Sylvania 9003 bulbs

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New Kioto lenses and Sylvania 9003 bulbs

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Hey all,

The title says it all. I just swapped one side today so I could post the difference. I had nearly convinced myself to rewire and add new relays to decrease voltage drop. Fortunately I checked it out first. My alternator generates 14.7 V and voltage drop to the headlight wiring was negligible. I was also concerned the new bulbs may pull additional amperage, so I checked that as well, both bulbs pulled less than 0.5 amps. Thus, I chose to leave the original wiring and just swap lenses/bulbs. I removed a stock light and installed a Kioto lense with Sylvania Silver star 9003 bulb. Looking forward to replacing the other tomorrow and taking time to adjust the headlights.

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