New owner! 1985 T4WD

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New owner! 1985 T4WD

Post by eightyfive4WD »

Hi guys! Well I've had this guy for about a month or so now and I'm loving it.
Some small things to fix here and there but she's in great shape. I'm excited to learn from the community and keep tinkering with this thing for years to come!

Also, if anyone can tell me why they are uploading upside down please let me know :lol:
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Re: New owner! 1985 T4WD

Post by dlb »

Welcome to the forum. Not sure why the pics do this sometimes. They show up correct when I click on them though.
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Re: New owner! 1985 T4WD

Post by Petros »

very nice Tercel, welcome!

very nice looking tercel, where are you? Nevada, Arizona?

this happens sometimes, shows correctly when clicked on tp enlarge it. someone must have to appease the wrath of computer gods to figure this one out, because it seems to occur at random. perhaps try a different incantation next time.
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Re: New owner! 1985 T4WD

Post by NWMO »

Welcome to the site 854WD,

I see you have a SCV engine. If I understand things correctly, that will be a JDM replacement motor. Great looking DLX, not uncommon, but maybe 4:1 SR5 vs DLX. The only differences are minor: trim, tach, etc. Great looking car! Also, the AT cars are less common, the largest complaint is high rpm on the highway. Depending on your driving, many of us are running taller tires to help cut down on the high rpms at highway speeds.

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