Little 1984 Tercel, deep snow achilles heel

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Re: Little 1984 Tercel, deep snow achilles heel

Post by Petros »

simon84 wrote: Tue Feb 02, 2021 4:30 pm I've now got this new shiny aluminum radiator from RockAuto and it has the correct spot for the fan switch. I just need to swap it to the correct location and plug the existing spot.Liland Global Alloy Radiator.JPG
where did you find this? you have a part number, it is difficult to see the whole listing, not sure it is available in the USA, price looks excellent if that is what is pictured. I would like a link to the website where it is at so I can order one for my tercel.

I have been using the aluminum rads with the plastic tanks and recently found last year they are a bad idea. the original civic radiator comes that way, and I was up in the mountains when the whole top tank gave up all at once, just ripped open. I managed to coast back down most of the way, keep adding water every 5 min (to no avail), and limped it home little at a time, allowing it too cool. but it intimately damaged a new head gasket (which is also heat sensative on the all aluminum civic engine). so those plastic tanks really pissed me off, unlike the all metal radiator, which tends to only get small leaks as it wears out, the plastic ones can jsut blow out without warning, leaving you stranded.
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Re: Little 1984 Tercel, deep snow achilles heel

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The part is LILAND GLOBAL 813AA. I've got no idea how simon84 found this, but it appears to be a great find.

Rock Auto show some US stock as do a couple of other places.

$108.79 at ... iator,2172

$124.13 at

$131.60 at ... 813aa.html

I'm seriously considering returning the Spectra that showed up on my doorstep today and getting one of these instead.
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Re: Little 1984 Tercel, deep snow achilles heel

Post by simon84 »

I'm happy with the radiator so far, no problems and still shiny!

It's listed on Rockauto under 87 tercel, cooling system, radiator
Rockauto radiator listing.JPG
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Re: Little 1984 Tercel, deep snow achilles heel

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I really like that all aluminum radiator. The one I already put in is going to have to do though.
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