Electric conversion kits?

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Electric conversion kits?

Post by Rumrumm »

Has anyone found a company advertising their kit to "electrify" a Tercel? I have a 2WD '87 wagon that I plan to get back on the road & commute back & forth to work. Seems like my 2WD would be an easier conversion than 4WD, but after searching the internet, I only see generic kits that mostly include the motor and a conventional rear-end setup. I'd like to keep the factory 5-speed tranny, but have yet to see a bolt-on adapter plate to plug-n-play. Any suggestions?
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Re: Electric conversion kits?

Post by Erikwi »

what would the transmission do? i did not think electric cars needed one at all
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Re: Electric conversion kits?

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Re: Electric conversion kits?

Post by Petros »

that would take a great little car, with a following and building a collector status, and add a lot of weight, slow it down further, and rendering it near valueless on the used car market. I would advise against it: not likely they would make a kit for a 35 year old Tercel, so you would be on your own sorting it all out, likely you never will get it all working well together before you gave up on it.

go covert a car that is not so desirable, and one where you can buy kits to do the conversion for. your life will be a lot simpler. perhaps you can go find a ford focus for $300 and find a kit for it.
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