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Committed now!

Post by NWMO »

Hey all,

Sometimes I need a start to figure out what I want AND in this case, the old bumper needed to come off. It will be much shorter, I like the short rear look, plus it will help with clearance on obstacles.
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Re: Committed now!

Post by Petros »

as sturdy as those iron loops appear, do not trust them. they are cast iron, and often will break off if you use them to pull another vehicle. all import cars used to come with those, they were used to tie the cars down to the deck of a car transport freighter.

The Japanese and European Tercels had much more attractive and lighter bumpers, low profile. it would be nice to get a set in the states, but I am sure shipping would be more than it was worth.

A few have made nice welded bumpers for their Tercels, search the archives for ideas.
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Re: Committed now!

Post by Yaut »

The one on my red car is about the fall off front rust. Need to figure out how to repair it also.
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