Looking for shop/garage for 4AC swap Portland OR area

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Looking for shop/garage for 4AC swap Portland OR area

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Hey folks,

I have had a good two year run with my 85' SR5 so far (over 11k miles commuting)!

That said this morning it lost compression and died on me in a steamy, overheaty, side of the road fashion.

I am a novice at best (think brake pads and oil changes) type wrencher so I will need someone to help with the swap. I could repair the 3AC but I had been considering the 4A swap for added HP since I bought it.

I sourced a 4A from facebook market place that came out of an AE82 corolla FX; unknown mileage but was a runner when pulled.

I need to find someone willing/interested in prepping the 4A and doing the actual swap in the PORTLAND, OR. I am more than willing to hold flashlights or assist in any way I can. OR if you don't need a newbie hanging out I can just drop it off.

I also need to find a Weber 32/36 if anyone has an install ready example they don't need :D

I have built a rapport with a mechanic who might be able;willing but he has a full time job and family and I don't want to push him to do 20 hours work for me out of the blue.
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Re: Looking for shop/garage for 4AC swap Portland OR area

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If you want a shop to help out my friend owns Superior Subie and Import near Portland. Great shop, honest and fair.
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