1984 SR5 - Should I let these parts go? (Ie: An Enthusiast Newbie)

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1984 SR5 - Should I let these parts go? (Ie: An Enthusiast Newbie)

Post by BlueJay » Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:18 pm

Greetings, all! This is my first time posting on this forum, and honestly, I'm quite nervous! This forum has been a go-to for questions, references, and general indulgences since I scored my own Tercel early last year. She wasn't drivable until much later in the year after 8 months of looking for a transmission, but I couldn't stop looking! I live in CT, her transmission is from CA, and the transmission rebuild kit from the western coast of Canada. I have almost zero working vehicle knowledge, and over the last year or so, I have realized what a deep puddle I have stepped into.

But I love this car.

My daily driver is a 1987 Nordic Blue SR5 with a 6-speed transmission. However, I came across a parts car a few hours away and I had to jump on it. The second Tercel is a 1984 Metallic Blue SR5, also 6-speed.

My major, nail-biting concern is that I'm going to let parts go off of the 84 that I could potentially use. As I am not car-savvy at all, this makes this entire endeavor QUITE difficult. I am just learning about car parts, how to find their part numbers, and what makes something compatible - this is LARGELY with help from this forum.

The bottom line: I am out of funds and need to move this parts car out of its storage unit ASAP, but it would break my heart if I let a potential kidney for my car walk away. I have a buyer for some of the parts, the carburetor being the biggest head-scratcher for me.

Thank you, everyone! I hope I don't need to completely tuck my tail here, but I am in awe of your collective knowledge and had to bite the bullet and just ask!


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Re: 1984 SR5 - Should I let these parts go? (Ie: An Enthusiast Newbie)

Post by Abletobecain » Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:07 am

Hey BlueJay and welcome!

I feel your pain...everytime I see a post of someone asking for a part I'm torn between pulling it from a parts car or keeping it for "what-ifs." I've become quite a parts hoarder.

If you really need to move the car out of storage, you could strip everything that you might want to keep or sell, and stash them somewhere at home (especially smaller stuff) then just haul the shell off to the graveyard.

If you're getting a decent price for it, I wouldn't worry too much about the carburetor...there are plenty of them around and you can always rebuild the one you have or switch to a Weber. Although, that's coming from someone who has a couple extra carburetors.
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Re: 1984 SR5 - Should I let these parts go? (Ie: An Enthusiast Newbie)

Post by Yaut » Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:51 am

Welcome BlueJay,

I believe this is a sentiment shared by many of us here. Most of us have limited room to store extra cars but having spare parts is quite essential to keeping these cars on the road. I would say the most valuable parts on these cars are the drive-line components as they get the most wear (axles, transmission/differential, driveshaft). In my opinion, the least important parts are engine parts as it seems to be the easiest thing to find parts for as it was used in several different vehicles so after market parts are largely still available as well as used engines are still obtainable.

The truth is that all of the parts are quite valuable when it comes down to it. Little clips and trim pieces can really add up when you start having to track them down and pay a few bucks each. Parts cars are also valuable to use as a reference to see how things were install from the factory, how wires routed, etc. If you have to get rid of the car, best thing to do is to strip out as many parts as possible and stack them up somewhere.
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Re: 1984 SR5 - Should I let these parts go? (Ie: An Enthusiast Newbie)

Post by Mattel » Wed Dec 11, 2019 4:07 pm

Is the parts car rusty? could it be put back on the road?
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Re: 1984 SR5 - Should I let these parts go? (Ie: An Enthusiast Newbie)

Post by Petros » Wed Dec 11, 2019 4:55 pm

Welcome to the forum!

it would be a shame to strip a Tercel4wd that can be saved, good bodies are getting hard to find. OTOH, if it is a rust bucket or the body is badly dented up, or it is an auto trans Tercel, or 2wd, stripping it for parts is the best thing you can do with it.

These are worth saving, if good: engine, trans, drive shaft, and left and right rear axles (assuming it has good bearings on the axles). window regulators, lower suspension control arms (if the ball joint and bushing is good), steering rack, instrument cluster (if SR5). all of the outside lights (tail, marker, headlight assembly, and grill), rear view mirrors, radiator, left and right steering knuckle assembly (if the bearings are good), and the tie rod ends. heater blower motor, heater controls (levers and cables), alternator and starter, power steering pump. Steering shaft with the small u-joints (again if they are good). rear diff assembly (the third member, not the whole axle).

those come to mind, any moving part can wear out, or rust out, but there is a limit to what you can take. if you get all of these items it will allow you keep yours on the road indefinitely, but it also means you will have to take the chassis to the wreckers on a trailer since it can not be towed.
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