88-91 Corolla 4wd/Altrac Wagon

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Post by GTSSportCoupe » Thu May 06, 2004 11:51 am

What do you guys think of these cars? How would you compare them to the tercel 4wd wagon? In Japan I believe that the Corolla 4wd Wagon actually had the same name as the Tercel 4wd Wagon, and was thus just the newer version.

I know that the corolla 4wds (both sedan and wagon) are normally AWD (with open centre diff) and can be put into 4WD with the push of a button (locking the centre diff). I'm not sure if there is much advantage to this as compared to the 2WD/4WD setup of the tercel. Either way you only have power going to one wheel when the centre diff is not locked.

The corolla 4wds have fuel injection obviously with the 4afe. A 7afe with more torque could easily be installed to replace the 4afe. Either way, power and efficiency beats the 3AC.

I imagine that the corolla 4wds are quite a bit heavier though; probably around 2800lbs for the wagon? They seem a fair amount larger than the tercel.

They are obviously more expensive than the tercel as they are a newer vehicle, but they are very affordable these days. I see them in perfect shape for between $3k and $5k CAD.

I've considered buying one a few times. I think that I prefer the tercel for its smaller size and lighter chassis though. I think this counts for a lot in 4wding ability. Also, tercels can be had for very cheap and there are tons of parts for them at wreckers. I like my tercel in particular as it compiments my AE86 perfectly. They both have similar interior design and are the same color. One is my practical car and one is my fun car.

Just wondering what the rest of you think of the successor to the tercel. Is it worthy?
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Post by Thereminator » Thu May 06, 2004 8:34 pm

I looked at a couple Corola Wagons at the yard today Nick,initialy I was impressed because they look real comfortable and well-made(I think they had 16-valve engines).But in terms of size and weight,It was too-much like a shrunk-down Vista Cruiser and I would much rather off-road the Tercel or even one of those little vans I saw,if they came in 4-weel. ;)
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Post by 3A-C Power » Thu May 06, 2004 10:49 pm

They say the centre diff is better for rallying. They're probably right, 4WD can be tricky to control in corners because sometimes the whole car wants to go sideways instead of turning around. I've learned to predict and control it on snow, I don't really mess around much on hard surfaces. The corolla would have more weight to throw around though. Nothing can succeed the original Tercel 4WD but the Corolla wagons are very nice on their own right, and better in some ways.

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