New and have a few questions

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New and have a few questions

Post by Blackfell » Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:57 pm

So I just got on here and had a few questions. My engine went from running ok with a slight miss, to having a slight miss ando idling at 2000 rpm. I replaced the vacuum hose from the air cleaner to the carb and it helped. It is still idling a bit high and has a miss. The timing is adjusted almost all the way down as is the idle screw.

Also, I know this is a forum for the wagons but I am thinking of turning my hatchback into a 4wd. I know it would be a lot of work but seeing as I got the thing for 250 and I live an hour away from Tahuya in washington I wanna get it done. I just need to know the estimated cost in both time and money.

If there is anyone local I would love to meet up and get some input. I'm a car lover, I just don't know much about foreign cars.


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Re: New and have a few questions

Post by Mattel » Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:26 am

Hi Matt. A lot of people have asked about the hatch 4wd converstion but as the cars have different floor and suspension mounting points in the rear as well as firewall to accomodate the drive train it would either take a massive ammount of welding and fabrication for what purpose? probably be worth just looking for a solid 4wd wagon which does turn up every now and then. Or you could just get a hilux chassis and attach the whole body of your tercel on top like a mini bigfoot and there has been a few of them on here if you search but really you are not gaining a whole lot by doing that and it would be need a lot of time to get it street legal.
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Re: New and have a few questions

Post by Petros » Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:36 pm

welcome to the forum Blackfell,

although doing a conversion might be possible, it is a lot of work, cutting and welding, and to end up with a schizoid frankentercel that would not be worth much. A much cheaper, faster and better approach would be to find a beater Tecel4wd, or one with a blown engine, and use your tercel for parts and the engine. Much less work and cost, and you will end up with something that has a active fan base with a good market for good running T4wd wagons. In fact for the amount of time and money you would spent attempting to cut up and put back together your tecel sedan, you could end up with a really nice custom T4wd wagon, with lots of improvements and teaks that make these great cars even better.

besides, the T4wd wagon has much better utility and load carrying capacity than the sedan anyway. And it would be a shame to cut up an otherwise savable T4wd wagon to go into an ill-conceived project car that many not ever get finished, and almost certainly will never be appreciated by anyone except perhaps the builder.

Good luck.
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