What is your production number?

General discussion about our beloved Tercel 4WD cars
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Post by jetswim »

1987 SR5 277,846. Possibly the newsest one on the site!
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Hornbeam ('86 SR5) is #219425
The white '87 4WD auto parts car is #284005
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June 1986 4wd - #249249

751 short of being #250000 :huh:
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83 AL21
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Post by Mattel »

83 was no# 77,424

84 is no# 122,671

Are these a cumualtive total of all Tercels or just the 4wd Wagons?
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'85 SR5 with 151,723 miles, # 185551.
1984 Tercel 4wd Dlx. - 192K miles.
1985 Tercel 4wd SR5 - 185K miles (not running)
1986 Tercel 4wd Dlx - 210K miles (dd)

Only 3 to go for the whole set ! lol
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The Rover is a 1983 SR5 with 199,750 Miles, #054403
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Post by Inkyturbo »

I'm glad so many have posted here!

I believe that the number is for all Tercels for each year, but I'm not totally sure.
Josh G.

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The '83 SR5 on eBay has production # 36,200. Indeed it's is one of the oldest, well at least up till now.
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Post by Typrus »

#226,473---- 1986 SR5 4wd
RIP 10-07- 1984 Toyota Tercel SR5 4wd Wagen 6 speed

RIP 04-05- 1986 Toyota Tercel SR5 4wd Wagen 6 speed

1st Terc- 1987 Tercel SR5 4wd Wagon 6-speed, Sadly cubed

1985 Tercel Standard 4wd Wagon w/ 3-speed auto, Living a happy life in Boulder last I knew
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My tercel:: Goldie is a 1986 SR5 attualmente con Weber/also owned the first T4WD in STL in late '82
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1986 SR5 - 171K miles - #214146 - manufactured October of 1985 - originally sold in Nashville.

As a point of interest, my 1983, which I bought in December of 1982 and was one of the first, if not the first in St. Louis, was production number 15982. I had not thought about this until now. It really was one of the first SR5s around. Wonder what happened to it...
Tom M.
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T4WD augury?
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Post by Paul »

My 4WD wagon is #000454 manufactured August 1982. I actually searched for this thread.

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So did I, but nobody knew where it was. 1987, number 264,140. Guess Jetswim still has the newest! I wouldn't have guessed there were that many Tercs!
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mine is a 1988 sr5 47k origional miles produced in august 87 #298,354. :lol:
1988 Tercel sr5 4wd 47k origional miles
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84 SR5

Post by Zach »

#091890 - built late '83, originally sold from a dealer in Pittsburgh, PA to a woman in Texas.
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Re: What is your production number?

Post by Paul »

I just purchased a 1988 4wd wagon - #301129 - manufactured in September 1987.

Does anyone know what the total production of the 4wd wagon was? Maybe my '88 was one of the last to roll off the line.
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