Clutch kit

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Clutch kit

Post by Jonas.00 »

Witch one are the correct clutch kit to an Tercel 1987,3A engine 4wd combi standard.
Is it this one?
Jonas (Sweden)
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Re: Clutch kit

Post by NWMO »


For the extra $15 or $16, get the LUK or Aisin clutch in my opinion.

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Re: Clutch kit

Post by Petros »

see if the clutch is compatilble for the '83 through 87 wagon, if so it is the correct one. in 1987 the sedans changed to a different engine with transvers FWD configuration and it is not the same for the 4x4 wagons.

it is best just to order one that fits a 1985 wagon, you know it will the correct one that way.

Also, I agree with Chris, I would only buy a Aisin clutch assembly, many after market ones are junk (they have fitment problems, some will fail early), the disk is not so much an issue I think, but only use the throw out bearing and the pilot bearing in the kit if it is Japanese or USA made. do not install a communist made throw out bearing, it will go bad in months and you get to do the whole job over again.

they do not cost much, if you have cheap bearings in the kit it is worth buying good ones to install instead (throw the junk ones away, not worth having around). it is too big a job to have to do over because a poor quality bearing (a $15 part) goes out too early.
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