WTB - Looking for a Tercel!

This forum is for cars that run, or at least are close to running. This isn't for parting out complete cars.
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WTB - Looking for a Tercel!

Post by Mista B » Thu Jul 02, 2020 12:56 pm

Afternoon Guys and Gals,

Long time lurker here, finally decided to sign up as I’m looking for another project to work on now that my old 86 Corolla GTS is basically completed now.
Had a 4wd Tercel as one of my first cars and loved it, but was hit from behind and I never ended up replacing it.
God, I think that was 20 years ago now... :shock:
Always loved these little boxy units though and after missing out on a few solid examples by a day and one by only a few minutes :evil: I figured I’d see if anyone here has any leads on a solid shell.
I can scour the internet as good as the rest of you I’m sure, so I’ve seen what’s out there right now, maybe you know of one or two that aren’t posted? Maybe you want to sell me one of your six? I see you guys with 4+ units! Lol I love it.
After building and restoring a few old corollas I’m not afraid of swapping drivetrains if needed, rebuilding engines is simple on these old guys. Also being that I’ve built 10+ 4AGE engines and have 4-5 sitting in my storage unit, I don’t see why I wouldn’t put that power plant in the car I get, unless its running like a top as is.
Looking for a solid shell mostly, I already have a car I think I’m buying for its 4wd driveline and good interior. But she’s rotted to the core and will survive/live on as an organ donor.
I’m located in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, and hoping to find something for under $4,000 CAD. I don’t mind driving a ways to get it or shipping it from the states if its the right car, but I’m not sure how getting used cars over the boarder works in this new COVID world we are living in.

Sorry, that was long winded, maybe a compbo WTB and Introduction.
If you want to see my corolla you will find me on instantgram @mattyballz86

Thanks for having me!

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Re: WTB - Looking for a Tercel!

Post by Petros » Thu Jul 02, 2020 10:56 pm

welcome! it would be nice to see a good 4age swap here. there are a couple Tercel4wd in the for sale section, all in the states.

Good luck on your search.
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