86 T4wd wagon plus 85 T4wd wagon SR5

This forum is for cars that run, or at least are close to running. This isn't for parting out complete cars.
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86 T4wd wagon plus 85 T4wd wagon SR5

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I am going to attempt a repost here. If I am stepping on toes or any part of this is against any rules kindly let me know, Please.

Also I never saw much in the way of response so if someone could let me know of any questions or thoughts or anything I would appreciate it.

Additionally, I was contacted via TEXT by Neil from Utah somewhere. If he could contact me again, as my SMART(stupid)phone screen was broken and all contacts and text messages were lost and backups have failed for prior 2 years..... :x Stupid technology :x

Greetings, good and gentle town folk of the Tercel 4WD world. I am going to test the waters here, reluctantly, as I have long been a fan of these little vehicles, but I have dozens of vehicles/projects and I would like to see someone get a lot of good use out of these. I would like to see them go to a good forever home. BTW this website is one of the best....a very valuable resource for keeping the Wagons alive. Thanks, everyone.

PM me here, or text my cell (97oh.250.ten46) if you want more information, pictures, etc.
Location Grand Jct., CO area. I know of a few others around as well...and if timing is right and desire is there a person could end up with a really good deal on several of these.

No. 1 =
blueGreen 1986 T4wd wagon, 6spd, runs, drives, AC(r12) still works, good wrinkle in driver fender, may need HG work.
No.2 =
silver 1985 T4wd wagon,SR5, 6spd, runs, drives, AC(r12) still works, UNTIL.... I sold to daughter of a guy I worked with and it was driven until oil light came on....may need head work, or more extensive rebuild. was still running, and still turns over but compression is somewhat low.
No.3 =
(SOLD)gold 1983 T4wd wagon, 6spd, runs, drives, no AC, weber carb, inclinometer, needs trans bearing work. SOLD to a guy who worked for me and he sold to someone else, and I have not been able to locate it again. :( even though I think it is still in the area. (SOLD) :( (Gone for now) :(
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