1985 4x4 Lifted Wagon

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1985 4x4 Lifted Wagon

Post by NickC809 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:32 pm

Reluctantly, I have to list my trusty Tercel. She's been a great companion for 4 years and has seen it all. I lifted her using brand new struts, coils and shocks following the "how to" guide. I've gone through and replaced all of the braking components front to rear. I've replaced pretty much every bushing possible with Poly or high end rubber. Inner and Outer tie rods were done. All fluids in the trans/rear diff/etc done. She even has the ever elusive rear hatch covers...2 of them! I installed an aftermarket Incline-o-meter and all the lights function. Brand new carb with a lifetime warranty from National Carburetors out of Florida. I've got a stack of paperwork for this car thats thicker than my skull. She sits on 14" snow tires and goes through mud, snow, cow patties and/or Serbian winters with ease. Recently has a new radiator installed. I've driven her up the Donner pass many a time and she has never left me stranded or stuck! I have built a 4-AC thats bored over .060 with a known good transmission (highly sought after rebuild kit included for shifts and giggles). Neither are installed but they could be! She's rough around the edges but has great bones. A/C blows cold and still uses R12! I've got a couple bottles I might be persuaded to part with too... I've currently got her on non-op due to my assumption she won't pass smog. The current Cat was on its way out 2 years ago so I didn't even bother trying this year. I do have a low mileage CARB compliant Cat from a donor car to go on it. (which conveniently comes with said donor car free of charge). Only 187k!! Not a drop of rust anywhere! Bitching one year only diamond plaid interior!! Half roof rack! Sweet patina! Clean title! Bluetooth head unit!

Now for the not so good..
Misfire on start up due to failing valve stem seals
Trans is a lil clunky and grinds occasionally going into 2nd
Lil' bit shaky going down the road (thrown wheel weight? mud caking on tires? Weight of responsibility of driving such a cool car?)
Ugly as all get out
I've cleaned her out but she could definitely use a good deep clean

I easily have over 5-6k invested in this car and really want to get $2500 OBO. I'm selling her so I can fund my new found Tacoma obsession.

Located in Nevada County, CA in between Sacramento and Reno in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Message me or call me at (Five Three Zero) 346-3647

Pictures in link

2/11/19 UPDATE
Pictures of cleaned interior and ride height comparison to stock Tacoma.
Also, tan car pictured in field is its companion parts car

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