1987 Tercel 4WD near Vancouver BC

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1987 Tercel 4WD near Vancouver BC

Post by vcp » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:25 pm

It is, most unfortunately, time to let the girl go, so wanna let everyone on the Forum know before I post it elsewhere. Details and photos below.

Did a ton of work the last couple years because I'd planned on keeping her forever, but lost my parking spot for her so she's gotta go. Let me know if you have any questions.

Was thinking of listing for around $2300 to account for all the work I've done and the condition she's in. (High? Low??)

5-speed manual transmission with on-demand 4 wheel drive plus extra low 6th gear. (Yes, they work.)
1.5L, ENGINE: 3A

No leaks, some rust around the wheel wells but solid underneath.

Only the 3rd owner in 30 years and we all babied her (Check out the interior photos below.) Changed and checked fluids ALL the time, and have done tons of maintenance and repairs. Have service records going back many years.

330000 km but almost all highway, and most major repairs have been done.

- New Head gasket and all front engine seals (2015)
- New Gas tank (2014)
- Exhaust manifold (2015)
- Muffler (2016)
- All Brakes front and back (2016)
- Water pump (2015)
- Radiator replaced (2013)
- Thermostat
- Wheel bearings
- Tie rod end
- Rebuilt alternator and generator
- Cam shaft seal
- Fuel pump (2015)
- Battery (2013)
- Spark plugs (2016)
- All spark plug wires (2016)
- Distributor cap (2016)
- Rotor (2016)
- New Snow Tires (2015)
- Vacuum hoses (2015)
- Fuel filter (2016)
- Oil filter
- Air filter (2016)
- Tune up (2016)
- Body work (2016)

PREVIOUS OWNER (2008) did:
- CV shaft (passenger & drivers)
- Rear shocks (with helper coils)
- Clutch
- Manual regulator
- Valve cover gasket
- PCV valve
- Rear wheel cylinder
- Special engine-protection plate added for backroad romping.

Has a simple roof rack, and I have some summer tires and parts (like a spare carburetor) I'll throw in.
Tercel 4WD passenger.jpg
She's a little dirty because we're in the middle of a very long cold winter and I just snapped these today. The very last photo shows how nice she comes up with a polish.
Tercel 4WD front.jpg
Tercel  4WD drivers back.jpg
Tercel  4WD back.jpg
Tercel  4WD dash.jpg
Tercel  4WD ceiling.jpg
Tercel  4WD back seat.jpg
Tercel  4WD back seat close.jpg
Tercel  4WD hatch.jpg
Tercel 4WD polished.jpg
This is what she looks like after we spend just an hour polishing her up with a secret technique & product we have.

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Re: 1987 Tercel 4WD near Vancouver BC

Post by dlb » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:54 pm

sorry i didn't get back to your email yet vcp, been busy at work lately. $2300 is almost exactly what i was going to suggest for price ($2500 was what i had in mind). it still looks great! good luck with the sale, i'm sure it will go to a good home.

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My tercel:: 1987 Tercel 4WD wagon

Re: 1987 Tercel 4WD near Vancouver BC

Post by vcp » Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:48 pm

She's gone. Went in an hour for $2300.

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