T4WD ads on Craigslist, 2/4 thru 2/12/2018 (WA, ID, OK, OR, AZ, CA, CO, MT)

This forum is for cars that run, or at least are close to running. This isn't for parting out complete cars.
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T4WD ads on Craigslist, 2/4 thru 2/12/2018 (WA, ID, OK, OR, AZ, CA, CO, MT)

Post by garyfish » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:12 pm

here's another batch of 4WD Tercel wagons that have recently been listed -- or updated and relisted -- on Craigslist... the most recent are listed first

please, do NOT contact me concerning these listings, you'll have to go through the actual seller via their Craigslist ad


Seattle, WA

https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/ ... 42219.html

1986 Tercel SR5 wagon, 328K miles -- $1500
Date of listing: 2/11/18

I've got a good little 5 speed, 4 wheel drive wagon with a lot of heart. She's 32 years old, so if you're looking a pristine car, you're in the wrong place.

Everything works, but everything could probably use some work. She runs, drives, shifts, and stops like a champ. I've replaced the front axles, oil, thermostat, heater core, and battery. I'm only selling her because it turns out I hate front wheel drive and want airbags. It would not take much to get her to daily-driver status.

She comes with a set of 4 studded tires on wheels with a all the studs and a ton of tread left.


Boise, ID

https://boise.craigslist.org/cto/d/85-4 ... 34421.html

1985 Tercel 4WD wagon, manual tranny, needs engine work, 192K miles -- $300
Date of listing: 2/10/18

85 Toyota Tercel,4wdr, wagon car(tires pretty old on it). Runs but overheats in a few minutes. Water looks chocolate . Cyl and #1 at 35 lbs the rest between 96-110 lbs using a cylinder dry test. Looks like a cracked head. Also selling 4 pretty new studed Firestone (175/70 R-13) Winterforce snow/ice tires already mounted on rims separate from car ($69 a piece). Tires sold as a set (all four) for $276. Tercel for $300. Priced to sell package tires and car for $525. Never did try running head gasket sealer in it. (208)968-9031.


Stillwater, OK

https://stillwater.craigslist.org/cto/d ... 85659.html

1988 Tercel SR5 wagon, 342K miles -- $1750
Date of listing: 2/9/18

I have a 1988 Tercel for sale
It runs and drives, fresh carb rebuild
Has the 6 speed transmission, (Extra Low 4WD plus 5 gears)
4WD works great, heat blows hot
I have the front bumper, taken off for clearance issues
Front drivers side has a ding on it, light housing broken but the light still works fine
Tags and title are up to date
Text or email preferred, thanks!


near Roseburg, OR

https://roseburg.craigslist.org/cto/d/1 ... 62594.html
https://roseburg.craigslist.org/cto/d/1 ... 74742.html

TWO Tercel 4WD wagons (1984 DLX w/ auto trans., clear title, blown head gasket, 295K) + (1984 SR5, stuck in gear, MISSING TITLE, 236K) -- $450 for the pair (previously listed at $350 each, and $500 for the pair)
Date of listing: updated 2/9/18 (first listed in early January, and several times since then)

I have two Toyota four wheel drive lil wagons up for grabs for only $450., and that's for both!
One is the SR5 with the 6 speed manual tranny the other is an automatic
No rust or dent on either. The automatic has power-steering and air conditioning
The manual tranny one is stuck in a gear and I can't figure it out. It does have a very strong running engine, with newer radiator
The one with the automatic one runs but needs a new head-gasket.
Both start right up and run. The one with the automatic has clean title the other is "missing"!
Great deal for the price. Will consider trades, and will consider selling separate


Mesa, AZ

https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/ ... 86130.html

1985 Tercel DLX wagon, automatic transmission, 45K miles -- $3275
Date of listing: 2/9/18

starts right up, runs great, fun and economical, front wheel drive becomes 4wd with a push of button on the shifter, " shift on the fly" NO e-mails, NO texts, call (four eight zero) 650-2923.


Spokane, WA

https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/19 ... 31537.html

1984 Tercel SR5 wagon, odometer mileage not given -- $1250
Date of listing: 2/8/18

Clean,ready to drive comes with extra set of studded snow tires, a little more love and it will be primo.


near San Luis Obispo, CA

https://slo.craigslist.org/cto/d/1984-t ... 39013.html

1984 Tercel DLX wagon, automatic transmission, 215K miles -- $2600
Date of listing: updated 2/8/18 (first listed about 1/25/18)

I am selling the DLX 4WD Wagon with moon roof & original factory roof rack. The motor is a 4AE which was purchased in the later 90's, have receipt. I have all repairs receipts for all parts & work. I have quite a bit in New parts i have yet to install as well. All of the parts i have sought out have been factory first, most are discontinued however. Then Denso|Japanese, nothing of Chinese origin. I have 7500.00 into this vehicle. The original owners owned the vehicle until 2013, a kid purchased it and had it for 1 year exactly. I have had it since. The lower half of the engine needs work, valve work i believe. It is not running at this moment. The Tercel has been smogged and registered. The Tercel is in great shape minus the lower engine work needed. I have too much money in this vehicle. Thank you for your time

List of New items: All parts have 5k miles give|take

-Toyo tires
-New KYB struts|shocks & strut mounts
-New muffler
-New Cat(California Emissions) Magna Flow
-OEM Toyota Factoy Head lamp Housing upgrade(replaceable bulbs) w/ Hella bulbs
-rebuilt factory distributor(sent to Portland specialist)
-new water pump & Timing belt
-new Toyota factory Head Gasket, i bought the last two within Toyota inventory. still have 1 remaining
-new Toyota factory old stock from Japan EGR valve
-new interstate battery
-new koyo radiator & lower|above hoses
-rebuilt Toyota original with vehicle factory carb
-New Denso starter
- fuel pump
-brake lines
-have new old stock Australia rotors in box yet to be installed
-factory toyota pads
-toyota factory master cylinder yet to be installed

Again i have all paperwork, this list is off the top of head so there are other new parts,

805.709.6357 -- Stephen


western slope, CO

https://westslope.craigslist.org/cto/d/ ... 50654.html

1983 Tercel SR5 wagon, problem with front differential, 237K miles -- $500
Date of listing: updated 2/8/18 (originally listed about 1/18/18)

1983 Toyota tercel 5 door 237,000 miles. been parked for years now. it was the car I wanted and for a year it was great. then I had a front axle/ front differential problem. I got ripped off by one mechanic ( thanks Darrel h!). eventually I lost my mojo with it. the engine is good. the interior is clean. just needs fixed


near Long Beach, CA

https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/c ... 76725.html

1983 Tercel SR5 wagon, 345K miles (90K on rebuilt engine) -- $3500
Date of listing: updatd 2/7/18 (first listed about 1/24/18)

I have a 1983 Toyota Tercel 4x4 wagon. It has the 5 speed manual transmission with the extra low gear. The engine only has 90k miles on the rebuilt engine. I have every piece of paperwork where anything was done to the car. The car runs fantastic and it gets 30mpg. Everything works on the car including the factory A/C. This car is my daily driver. It just passed smog without any issues. The rims are not stock and either is the radio but other than that she's exactly how she came off the showroom floor. In the past year I have put $3k into her in new parts. The guy who had the car before me hit a deer twice. The hood is not the original and the ding on the left door was a result from the deer as well. The paint is fading and the seat has a rip. It's not a showstopper but it's an awesome car. I am firm on the price. I'm in no rush to sell her.


Great Falls, MT

https://greatfalls.craigslist.org/pts/d ... 08279.html

1984 Tercel 4WD wagon, manual tranny, needs engine work, odometer mileage not given -- $500
Date of listing: 2/5/18

84 tercel wagon manual 4x4 lost compression. Call for details


Tacoma, WA

https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/ ... 20294.html

1987 Tercel SR5 wagon, needs tune-up or engine work, odometer mileage not given -- $1000 obo
Date of listing: 2/5/18

Clean Tercel unfortunately it doesn't run the best right now just don't have time for it nowadays.

Has the 3AC Motor.
And the 6 speed tranny that shifts fine.

Interior is in excellent shape except for the driver seat that has a rip on the lien back

I would suggest bringing a trailer

$1000 obo


near Phoenix, AZ

https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/cto/ ... 01368.html

1987 Tercel SR5 wagon, needs a little work, 277K miles -- $1400
Date of listing: updated 2/5/18 (first listed about 1/17/18)

This has been my project vehicle for the past few years. I rescued it out of someone's yard in New Mexico where it had sat. Has been an Arizona / New Mexico vehicle its whole life. It was destined to be a parts car but I got it everything it was missing and now it's complete again.

4wd, 6 speed manual, A/C, power sunroof, roof rack, ran and drove when parked last May, will start right up with gas poured in the carb but won't stay running since the fuel system is dry and gas is old (will need trailering anyway because it could use a good look over the drivetrain since I haven't gotten through everything)

Transmission was dropped and had all the seals replaced. New CV axles installed with transmission. Has a new timing belt installed with 0 miles. New exhaust from the header back. Clutch has plenty of life left. Tires all have good tread and steel wheels replaced with Toyota alloys. A bit of dry rot on the edges. Oil / filter changed last year before being parked. Has a bunch of spare parts in the back too.

Feel free to ask questions. These are cool cars and this one deserves a home that will take good care of it.

p.s. I do not need help selling this please stop calling me I hate you


near San Diego, CA

https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/cto ... 62644.html

1984 Tercel SR5 wagon, odometer mileage not given -- $3250
Date of listing: updated 2/4/18 (first listed about 1/14/18)

This car runs and drives excellent as a brand new had radiator water pump hoses and tune-up all in all complete and in good shape rear right quarter panel has a rust spot where the rubber wore through the paint and a dent on the quarter panel tailgate has to dance Terriers complete and intact these cars are amazing and tend to run quite well for a long time car comes with lien sale paperwork and it's a year-and-a-half out of tags about 300 bucks at DMV call Kevin 619-672-9726

1985 Tercel SR5 4WD wagon, 300K
1987 Tercel DLX 4WD wagon, 6-speed manual, 248K -- got this one running Jan. 2015 (had been sitting for 2 years)

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