Its to hard to make an acount

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Its to hard to make an acount

Post by shambug »

This is not a banking website, nor a classified army site, why does this website have such strict requirements for passwords and making account? Who cares if someone hacks my tercel4wd account? I DONT! what are they going to do with it? Why do you have to answer security questions or move the non-colors over? Why do i have to wait 24 hour for activation? Then I dont even remember my password because you made me pick a ridiculously hard one! my point is that i just want to learn more about my car and i had to jump through more hoops then financial aid and my bank account combined, LITERATELY! Ease up on the security a little, but thanks for the website non the less.
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Re: Its to hard to make an acount

Post by irowiki »

Password must be between 5 and 30 characters long, must contain letters in mixed case and must contain numbers.
That is a pretty reasonable password policy to me.

The questions and color moving is a anti spam thing, not a security thing.
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Re: Its to hard to make an acount

Post by Petros »

welcome to the forum Shambug,

unfortunately this is the way it has to be, not because of legit member like you, but for the last few years we have been bombarded with fake members for Russia, china and Africa and elsewhere that spam the pages with mega bandwidth of nonsense, page after page after pages of links to scam and phishing sites, 'genuine' designer purses, prescription drugs and all kind of offers to enlarge and shrink various parts your your anatomy. It was becoming a very large chore for both the list members to just wade through the spam, and the list moderators to clean out up to 50 spam "bot-members" a day of crap, all working to keep this form clean without pay as a volunteer, so we can have a great forum.

It unfortunately is a result of cleaver criminals and spammers who have become more sophisticated at means of breaking into otherwise good forums. The forum moderators had tried simple means at first to keep the span-bots off, but each method was eventually "broken" and so now we have had to revert to this process, just to make sure those joining are joining for the correct reason. Not your fault at all, but the price we all must pay for the small number of criminals out there trying to steal data, sell crap, or look for personnel info.

But now you get the benefit of enjoying a clean forum for the very minor inconvenience of a more complex signing up process. Do it once, and you will never have to concern yourself again with it.
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Re: Its to hard to make an acount

Post by 4doorVIP »

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Re: Its to hard to make an acount

Post by dlb »

^^^ lol

welcome, shambug. it might be annoying for you to have to jump through hoops to join here but it's more annoying for the moderators of this forum to have to delete spam members and their countless posts.
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Re: Its to hard to make an acount


Believe me, shambug - what Petros and dlb said ! ! !
Oddly, the link I provided is the one next to your plaint in Forum Talk; did you look?
Speaking for myself - I LITERALLY look at my "moderator emails" which arrive on my regular personal (not T4WD) account multiple times a day; the longest anyone has had to wait for authorization is but a few hours.
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