"Won't Start" thread cont'd, forum etiquette

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"Won't Start" thread cont'd, forum etiquette

Post by dlb »

this thread is an off-topic continuation of the "won't start" thread, found here.


petros, SP makes a valid point when he says that you don't have to respond to a thread if the terminology frustrates you that much. you certainly don't need to say things like
Petros wrote:Only people who know little about cars use the term, and none use it consistantly, it only exposes your ignorance
because that's simply rude and there's no need for it. it's hypocritical for you to be so anal about language and then use language that is universally offensive while claiming no intention to offend; you are asking someone else to be clear but you should be too so that you don't have to clarify that you're not attacking anyone. besides, splatterdog already said
splatterdog wrote:To make it clearer in these situations, specify if its no crank or no start.
which is all that needs to be said, and is not offensive. why beat a dead horse?

everyone appreciates the knowledge and help you and everyone else on this forum offers. let's try to keep that help free from such language that discourages anyone from taking part in the conversations.
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